What if I ask for a service I really don’t need?

This is the reason why we ask for a sample of the text before we quote. Based on this assessment we will let you know how much work your text needs. If it does not need extensive editing, we will let you know. We never charge for work you don’t need.

Can you guarantee my text will be 100% perfect once it has been edited?

Many published books will still contain typos and other errors. A first edit should pick up around 90% of errors in your text. A second edit would reduce that further. Even the best Copy Editor is only human so no one can guarantee you a 100% typo-free text.

Will you alter my writing style?

Not at all. Each writer has their own style so texts are edited in a way sympathetic to this. An editor works around the author’s style, making it more readable within the context of the work.

Will having my book edited get me published?

The $64,000 dollar question. The sad reality is that most manuscripts sent to a publisher are rejected after only the first few paragraphs. Editing improves the quality of the text by making it more readable, thus improving your chances of the publisher or their agent taking your work more seriously.

I am self publishing..do I still need to have my text edited?

Yes. When people purchase a book they expect a high standard of written work. Self published works are no different, and you want to give your reader a good experience when they pick up your book so they go on to buy your next one. In a lot of ways the self-publication market is as competitive, if not more so, than approaching a major publishing house.

Can you help with publishing?

Yes, we offer a publishing service through the Createspace platform. Please have a look at the publishing page for more information.

How much will it all cost?

It depends on the services you need, the best thing is to contact us and we can arrange to discuss your project and give you an accurate quote.

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