Publishing Packages


If you are considering self publishing your book we can help with a variety of services aimed at making the process simple and stress free.

We offer an opportunity for you to design your own Self Publishing Author Package will can include all or any of the following services:

  • Proofreading and general preparation of your text for publishing.
  • Ensuring a good typographical layout as required by online publishers for both  print and eBook version of your work.
  • Convert the Word file supplied by the author into PDF and ensure a good typographical layout.
  •  Standard copy editing.
  • Use a plain template cover design approved by the author prior to publication, or a print ready PDF cover provided by the author.
  • ISBN registration, assignment, and barcode.
  • File a copy of your book to the Legal Deposit Office at the British Library (required)
  • 2 print proof copies to be checked and amended by the author prior to final print
  • Amendment of errors or omissions highlighted by the author during the proof check.
  • Final Proofread of the text prior to publication.
  • 5 free copies of the book

Other available services include:

  • Standard + Hardback Format Package
  • Colour Printing
  • Large/Epic
  • Technical Esoteric Manuscripts
  • Extra copies of the book
  • Images within the text
  • Expedited proof copies
  • Standard Press Release to all major bookshops specialising in your Genre
  • Facebook Page set up (client managed*)
  • WordPress based website (client managed*)
  • WordPress based website with domain and hosting
  • Kirkus or Blue Ink Review
  • Direct Marketing materials

In addition we can arrange the following via our specialist business associates:

  • PDF book cover design from author supplied images
  • Bespoke cover design by a graphic artist
  • Book launch events

For More Information please contact us and we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Book Publishing & Author Solutions