Submission Guidelines

Our Submission Guidelines for Authors


Your first point of contact will be via the web form shown on the contact page.  We will then contact you via email to arrange for material to be submitted to us.

All material for editing must be submitted in Word document format or a similar word processing software package which will support word doc files and change tracking.  All edits are noted on the original text using change tracking.  This enables you to see what changes have been made, and you may change them back if you choose to do so.

Quotes are completely free of charge, and you are under no obligation to commission the work.

In order for us to supply a quote you will need to send either the entire text or a sample containing a minimum of 5000 words. If you send a sample you will also need to let us know the total word count of the entire work.

At this stage we can give you a clear indication of both the level of editing I we think you will need and the likely cost of this.

We will examine the material you submit and send you the following:

An edited sample of your text: This will be copy-edited or proofread according to your request. The sample will be between 700 and 1000 words and the change-tracked result will be returned. This enables you to see the type of work that will be done if you decide to go ahead and order the service.

The quote will provide you with the likely total cost of the service you are requesting. If you later choose to add on more than 2000 words you may incur an additional charge, but this will be discussed with you beforehand.

We also quote for any alternative or more appropriate service at this time.

For information on invoicing and payments, please see the Terms & Conditions.

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